MaN eVeRyWhErE i LoOk...

aLlS i SeE iS mOtHeRfUcKiN mIrAcLeS.
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Your name is GAMZEE MAKARA, and you like to CHILL THE MOTHERFUCK OUT. You are currently TEN SWEEPS OLD, which makes you about TWENTY TWO in human years.

Since the whole Sgrub/Sburb debacle, you've moved to Earth and are content to sit in your apartment and eat A LOT OF PIE, and also smoke A LOT OF WEED, because damn if that Earth plant shit don't take the sting off just right.

Occasionally you venture out of your lair to GO TO WORK, your place of employment being a RECORD STORE in another part of the city. People have gotten used to the extremely tall, gray dude that sells them their vinyl. At least, you hope so.

[WARNING: If it isn't already obvious, this blog contains a multitude of references to illegal substances and their recreational use. If that isn't your cup of tea, the back button is merely a click away. Gamzee hopes you'll stick around, though. :o) ]


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imagewhatsupinvertebrother replied to your post: II bought a bunch of drum2tIIck2. II feel…

Vic Firth? :o)


It’s a brand of drumsticks, motherfucker. You ain’t all up on your musical accoutrements, are ya?

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Aww shit, I got one just like this. Damn good zong.

Aww shit, I got one just like this. Damn good zong.

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“Ohh, my name is Haruhi Fujioka. I am a member of the Host Club here at Ouran.”


"Awww, shit. Nice to make your motherfuckin’ acquaintance, Mr. Fujihookah! I’m Gamzee. Gamzee Makara. This is some pretty spiffy digs you got here, though. Everybody all motherfucking dressed up and shit. Uhhhh…what’s a host club? Ain’t never all heard of shit like that, and they got some weird motherfucking shit where I’m at."

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Nah, motherfucker, no-men-cla-ture. It’s like…your name, and shit. So I be all wantin’ to know your motherfucking name! Shit, though, I could go for some ramen right now.

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Gamzee takes a seat at his computer, opening up iTunes and putting on some Deadmau5. On the floor next to him sits a new acquisition, a tall bong, maybe a foot and a half, made from dark blue glass with chrome and copper swirls. He still hasn’t named it, though hopefully he can remedy that soon. A few clicks and he’s opened up his chat client.

"Anybody motherfucking out there?"

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☻ Drunk and Flirting?! ☻ (OPEN RP)


A strange feeling had overwhelmed Kaoru completely. He didn’t know how or why. But, *hic*. Kaoru started to stumble about. He was in town, alone. What a bad time to be separated from Hikaru. Kaoru looked around, the people on the streets were looking at him in a weird way. But Kaoru didn’t mind, he suddenly felt like asking them out. Yes. All of them. Swaying slightly, Kaoru walked up to the pedestrians.

“Heeeeeyyyyyy~ Aren’t you a fine thing~~ ” Kaoru put his arm around the other’s shoulder and leaned in close. 

"What the motherfuck you doing, brother?" Gamzee stared at the young man who had suddenly stumbled from the crowd and dropped a pick up line along with his arm around the tall troll’s shoulders. Judging from the way he was slurring his words and the strong smell of booze on his breath, he was piss drunk. He looked young though, way too young to be drinking, at least not at any bar. Baby face like that would have the bouncers all over him. Then again, he was Asian, and Gamzee never could figure out Asian people. They just always looked young. Motherfucking miracles.

Regardless of his age, probably not a good idea to leave a motherfucker hanging loose on South Street on a Friday night. Gamzee was riding high, feeling good after a cruise around the block and a fat blunt, so he was in a good mood. Good enough to consider helping out a stranger.

"Hey little man, shit’s not all safe for you to be wandering alone out round here. Watcha say you hang with me and I’ll make sure you don’t all get fucked up? That motherfuckin’ kosher with you, brah?" Gamzee took some of the kid’s weight on him to keep him from stumbling. “What’s your name, brother?”

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Hearing the names Karkat and Kanaya makes Vriska a little uncomfortable. She tries not to react visibly, but those are two people she’s not sure she wants to see any time soon, Kanaya especially. She’s glad it’s her hit. “No, I haven’t.” She reaches for the piece and takes her turn. She wants to talk about something else, but can’t think of anything. And she does kind of miss them; she misses everyone. Why else would she have Gamzee over? Her curiosity gets the better of her. “What have they 8een up to?”

Vriska stares down at the glassware in her hand, her head suddenly full of thoughts about the game and her past with Kanaya and even Karkat. It’s not pleasant. She generally tries not to think about anyone from before; it just makes her feel guilty and lonely. Really, Gamzee’s the only one who doesn’t: he seemed to be almost as strongly disliked as she was, for good reason, and his new life is just as lonely and pathetic as hers.

“I’ll 8e glad to do that,” Vriska answers, a little startled. She’d been pretty lost in her thoughts and his voice was a bit jarring. She pulls a large hit from the bub, not on her turn, and tries to push the thoughts out of her head. She exhales a cloud of thick smoke and begins to cough a bit. Leaning forward and pressing her free hand over her mouth to stifle the coughing, she sets the piece on the table and picks up her soda instead. She takes a few small sips and manages to relax. She doesn’t usually cough. It bothers her a lot when she does. But she forgets as she leans back into the couch and notices that she’s started to feel a little bit lighter. This was the feeling she’d been looking for.

Gamzee watches her cough as he grabs the bub and sets to taking his hit. He hadn’t meant to encourage her to take two in a row, he just wasn’t paying attention. He smiles when he remembers that now he can do the same, and takes his first hit eagerly. Smoke curl up towards the ceiling as he replied to Vriska’s query.

ThEy aIn’T AlL Up tO MuCh. KaRkAt gOt hImSeLf a gIg wRiTiNg fOr oNe O’ tHeM WeEkLy nEwSpApErS AbOuT SoMeSuCh. He sAiD He aLl tRyIn’ To tAkE ClAsSeS FoR WrItInG SoMeWhErEs ‘rOuNd hErE. gOt a pApEr rOuTe tOo; He dOnE Be oNe oF ThEm mOtHeRfUcKeRs aLl tHrOwIn’ NeWsPrInT FrOm a bIkE At aSs o’ cLoCk iN ThE MoRnInG. i dOn’T AlL Up aNd kNoW AbOuT KaNaYa. BeSt fRiEnD WaS KiNdA MuM On tHe sUbJeCt.

He takes his second hit, and makes it a doozy. He’s not actively trying to kill it, just looking for a real nice hit. And man, does he get it; as he exhales he can feel it crawl up inside his head and take a big ol’ bite out of his brain. He sets the bub down, slowly, and turns his head, slooooowly, to look at Vriska. She’s sitting back on the couch, and doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to him. Gamzee licks his lips, sloooooooooowly. He doesn’t even notice himself slooooooooooooooowly leaning towards his smoke buddy, or the way his eyes have locked on to her face. There might be a little growly voice in his head saying unkind words to him, but he doesn’t register. Nothing does, until he grabs Vriska and pulls her flush against him and kisses her.

Her lips are indeed soft, if quite dry. She tastes like smoke, the pleasant earthy taste of weed mixing with the bitterness of tabacco in equal measure. Yeah. This is what he came here for. He just didn’t know it until know. 

MoSt MoThErFuCkIn’ ExCeLlEnT.

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Vriska rolls her eyes as she takes the piece. She bites back a “that’s stupid” and instead says, “Oh you shouldn’t have, her voice thick with sarcasm.” She takes her hit and blows out the cloud of smoke. It occurs to her that she should probably block the bottom of the door with a towel or something and open a window to keep the hallway from smelling like smoke, but she’s already comfortable and smoking and, if she were being totally honest, she doesn’t really care. So she dismisses the thought.

She gives the bubbler back wordlessly and doesn’t look at him. She realizes she doesn’t really have anything to say. It’s awkward, and sitting in weird silence like this is more discomfort than she’s willing to put up with for this clown so she contorts her body in a way that allows her to reach her computer so she can pull it into her lap and start looking for some music to put on.

[S] Vriska: Play Gamegrl (Original 1993 Mix)

What? No. She will definitely not do that. Instead she can’t decide what to put on, so she hits shuffle and plays something at random, turning down the volume so Gamzee’s not likely to notice if anything bad or embarrassing comes on. It’s just background noise, and it’s much better than sitting in silence.

She still feels a little like she should probably make small talk or something, but decides not to sweat it: he’s comfortable, has refreshment, and they’re not sitting in awkward silence anymore. Clearly, Vriska is an excellent host.

Gamzee hears Vriska put on some music and smiles. “AwWwW YeAh, ChIlL TuNeS. tHaT’s wHaT I’m aLl uP AnD MoThErFuCkIn’ aBoUt.” He smiles and checks out the bub, honing his light in on the little bit of green left in the bowl. It tastes good, and he leans back on the couch, letting the smoke float gently out of his mouth. He watches the shapes the smoke makes as it twists and turns. Miracles.

“So i hUnG OuT WiTh kArKaT NoT ToO MoThErFuCkIn’ LoNg aGo. He’S LiViN’ HeReAbOuTs wItH KaNaYa. YoU SeEn tHeM StAlKiN’ aRoUnD At aLl?” He takes a drink of his soda and sits the can back on the table. He sets the bub next to it and looks over at Vriska. It’s almost like she’s ignoring him; she’s hardly spoken to him since he got here. He’s not sure how he feels about that.

He finds himself studying her profile very carefully: the line of her jaw, her sharp nose, the gentle blue flush in her cheeks. Her hair is piled on her shoulders and cascades down her back, and her lips are thin, but look soft. 

No, MoThErFuCkEr. He clamps down on those thoughts. He really needs to control himself better. But it’s hard. So hard. How many days does he just sit in that fucking room and stare at the walls? It’s so boring. And he’s always so lonely…

“YoU OuGhTtA SmOkE ThAt sHiT,” he says to her, more to break the uncomfortable silence than anything.

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MoThErFuCk, ThAtS OnE HoT PiEcE, yO. bEaUtIfUl aNd sHiT. gOt mE A CoUpLe lIkE ThAt. :o)

MoThErFuCk, ThAtS OnE HoT PiEcE, yO. bEaUtIfUl aNd sHiT. gOt mE A CoUpLe lIkE ThAt. :o)

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